Format Action, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Musical
Created by Monocke
Run time 30 minutes
Theme song It Doesn't matter by Tony Hrnell


Sonic's 17th birthday is coming. Everyone is throwing his party at the Topical Nightclub. .

After celebrating Sonic's 17th birthday, the gang started their first high school. Eggman, their evil teacher is planning his evil scheme. The old teacher Emerald the Hedgehog has been quit because of Eggman's mischef. Sonic and co. however they secretly hates him, just like the what happen from last year.

After school, their adventures is few days coming. Better in thier lives, they are looking forward their day off school. Thier adventures has started before the summer comes. Sonic fall in relationship with a new girl, Sasha Rose Hedgehog. Aisha is in love with him and they started their new date.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles Tails Prower

Knuckles the Echinda

Aisha the Cat

Cream the Rabbit

Blaze the Cat

Silver the Hedgehog

Marine the Raccoon

Shadow the Hedgehog

Maria the Hedgehog

Tikal the Echinda

Rouge the Bat

Season 1Edit

  1. Our first high school
  2. Knuckles' detetion
  3. New member of the gang
  4. Sonic's first date
  5. Friendly rivals
  6. The first adventures
  7. Hanging out together
  8. Topical Nightclub
  9. Marine the Raccoon
  10. Sonic Teams Vs Eggman
  11. We hate our evil teacher
  12. Reach for the stars
  13. The cry of the emeralds
  14. Firefles
  15. The Party
  16. Shadow's detetion
  17. The Last of Eggman
  18. Girls Jungle Trap
  19. Our vaction is almost here
  20. Ghosts in the old castle
  21. Slow burn
  22. The Powerout
  23. Shadow's past
  24. The Festival
  25. Spring vaction
  26. Sleep-over adventure part 1
  27. Sleep-over adventure part 2
  28. Our teacher is back
  29. Maria the Hedgehog
  30. A fistul of Eggman
  31. Eggman Nega Returns
  32. Soundspeed
  33. The Summer is here
  34. Sonic and Aisha's lovely date
  35. No School for us